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CONFEUROPA Imprese was born to offer Italian entrepreneurship and in particular companies, part of the “System Confeuropa Imprese“, a new and transnational approach in European countries.

CONFEUROPA Imprese starts from the opposite assumption that there are many social, economic, cultural and systemic characteristics that characterize these realities and make them interdependent and closely connected. In this sense, following the dynamics of business associations in European countries, CONFEUROPA Imprese proposes itself as a collector of the needs of companies, which look with interest to this geographical area.

CONFEUROPA Imprese is convinced that companies, committed to consolidate and qualify their internationalization processes, can find in the “System Confeuropa Imprese” an important opportunity for the development of their activities, especially in order to open new commercial channels and offer new economic points for what is, which tends to make known and appreciated a service, product or an idea.

The objectives of CONFEUROPA Imprese are:

Bringing the knowledge of the business world of the “System Confeuropa Imprese“, and the use of the most modern tools for promotion, communication, dynamic organization as well as a wide network of partners and offices in several countries, which carry out information, assistance, consulting and training activities in the business environment.

Present to the business world an innovative approach to internationalization in European countries, based on the “System Confeuropa Imprese” in the name of associations and direct participation of companies, in the sense of developing services created to meet the needs of interested companies in the reference area and to strengthen the links between companies operating in the various European countries providing them with support and know-how, in an integrated and comprehensive manner available to the entire “System Confeuropa Imprese“.

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