Promotion, information and communication activities

Confeuropa Imprese aims to spread knowledge about the internationalization network model through the use of information and communication tools. In particular Confeuropa:

  • Manage a database through the main information systems in the field of internationalization which represents, in practice, the communication network of Confeuropa Imprese, in connection with “Confeuropa Imprese System”;
  • Takes care of the drafting of annual publications;
  • Confeuropa News, collection of useful references, about business opportunities and services offered in countries where companies want to internationalize;
  • Organize annually Conventions and Meetings, important communication and promotion events for institutional subjects and the business world;
  • Collaborates with the national and international media, to provide greater visibility of internationalization projects and activities and to strengthen relations with Italian business communities;
  • Carries out representation and lobbying activities for the Italian institutional representations and in European countries, with the support of the main local actors involved in the promotion;
  • develops promotional actions for universities and research / training institutes and organizes internships to its own operational headquarters.
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