Services presentation
The Service Charter favors the initiation of relations between companies and the “System Confeuropa Imprese”, based on transparent and clear criteria.

The Service Charter describes the activities in support of the internationalization of companies, defining the principles of management and delivery.

The Service Charter offers companies a picture of the services and their costs. The costs expressed in the Service Charter are to be considered as average reference values and cannot replace a specific quote that will be provided at the time of requesting the service.

What the “System Confeuropa Imprese” can doabroad for companies?

That is,what services can it offer? Both national and international companies use the “System Confeuropa Imprese” abroad generally as a preferential channel to obtain information on business opportunities in the first place, and secondly, information relating to trade fairs and events is also strongly requested. In addition, the “System Confeuropa Imprese” provides reports on the economic situation of the country, names of companies for commercial opportunities and commercial and customs regulations.

Basically, companies expect the “System Confeuropa Imprese” to be first and foremost the place where they can meet business demand and supply, a real “fast lane” to overcome the competition in accessing opportunities in the various countries of reference.

The “System Confeuropa Imprese” spreads a perception of itself that is strongly linked to the company and to the territory where itresides.

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